A La Carte Dates

When you buy any of the a la carte dates below, you will receive a PDF document at checkout containing the following information:

  • Overview
  • Detailed Instructions
  • If applicable – List of Required Supplies
  • If applicable – Resources Provided (links or printouts)

With these dates you will get a preview of the date you are purchasing and a quick turn around! Are you crunched for time and you need to plan a date for the weekend? Then these are for YOU!


Mini Golf

Date Expenses:$0
Level of Effort:HIGH – 30 to 45 min. of preparation
Description:Get ready to break out your golf skills and creativity, by setting up your very own putt-putt course at home.

Bookstore Hunt

Location:Out & About
Date Expenses:$0
Level of Effort:LOW – no preparation required
Description:Enjoy a fun evening out, but without the expenses! It’s a relaxing date at the bookstore, but with a fun twist.

Scavenger Hunt

Date Expenses:$15 – $20
Level of Effort:MEDIUM – 20 to 30 min. of preparation
Description:Who said scavenger hunts are just for little kids? If you are looking to surprise your loved one with something sweet when they get home, this is the perfect date.

Fondue & 20 Questions

Date Expenses:$30 – $45
Level of Effort:LOW – 20 min. of preparation
Description:If you are a cheese or chocolate lover and you want to dive into some fun questions with your date then purchase this package for a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Date Time Capsule

Date Expenses:$0
Level of Effort:LOW – no preparation required
Description:This is a unique date where you will both build a time capsule together. A date you will truly never forget.