A La Carte Dates

When you buy any of the a la carte dates below, you will receive a PDF document at checkout containing the following information:

  • Overview
  • Detailed Instructions
  • If applicable – List of Required Supplies
  • If applicable – Resources Provided (links or printouts)

With these dates you will get a preview of the date you are purchasing and a quick turn around! Are you crunched for time and you need to plan a date for the weekend? Then these are for YOU!


Date Jeopardy

Date Expenses:$10
Level of Effort:LOW – 15 min. of preparation required
Description:See how well you know the dating world by competing in a themed jeopardy game against your s/o!

Around the World

Date Expenses:$50
Level of Effort:MEDIUM – 30 min. of preparation required
Description:Enjoy an “Around the World” date night as you experience different cuisine, compete in a few activities, and learn more about each other!

UNO & Wishes

Date Expenses:$15
Level of Effort:LOW – no preparation required
Description:Who doesn’t love UNO? On this date get ready to play UNO with a twist! Once you are done playing you will work together to compile a wish list for the week.

Date Night Scattergories

Date Expenses:$0
Level of Effort:LOW – no preparation required
Description:If you have ever played Scattergories, you know it is a blast! This version of Date Night Scattergories allows you to compete against your s/o while experiencing unique prompts throughout the duration of the game. This is a great last minute date night that requires no preparation, all you have to do is download the PDF!

Ice Cream & Target

Location:Out & About
Date Expenses:$50
Level of Effort:LOW – no preparation required
Description:This date is full of a variety of activities to keep you on your toes. Experience a date out while you play a game in the car, compete in a Target challenge, & even enjoy a yummy treat!