PDF Date Plans

When you buy any of the dates below, you will receive a downloadable PDF file containing all the details you need for a fully planned date.

Chocolate & Cheese Tasting

A night of rating various chocolates & cheeses from appearance, taste, texture, smell, and best overall!

Olympic Date

In the spirit of the 2021 Olympics get ready to compete in your own olympic challenges with your friends and family.

Sports Competition

Who is the real athlete in the relationship? Compete in 10 different athletic challenges including soccer, tennis, volleyball, and so much more!

Coffee Marathon

Experience 5 new coffee shops that you have never been to before while competing in a classic “I Spy” game.

Back to the Basics

How well do you REALLY know each other? Find out by answering some “get to know you” questions, taking a quiz, setting goals, and challenging yourself in your relationship.